Friday, February 10, 2017

Truth & Righteousness Day #2


TRUTH:  All though there are many awesome points of instruction and truth in Mark chapter 2, the one that stands out the most to me found in the account of Jesus healing the paralyzed man.  I am sure that you remember the story.  Jesus is teaching at this particular house.  The news spreads that he is there and a huge crowd gathers.  There were some men who had a friend that was paralyzed.  They desired to get him in front of Jesus so that he might be healed.  They were so intent about getting him there to see Jesus that the loaded him up on a mat and carried him to the house in which Jesus was at.  When they arrived they could not get through the crowd to get there friend in front of Jesus.  Did they give up – NO!  They carried their friend up to the roof and lowered him down through a hole in the roof right in front of Jesus and Jesus heals their friend.  I think about the persistence of these men.  It makes me wonder how far I am willing to go to bring someone to Jesus.  To be honest sometimes I don’t even get out of the starting gate on this. Definitely an area that I need to grow a great deal.

RIGHTEOUSNESS:  I feel this story speaks a message of compassion.  Compassion of the men that took their friend to Jesus and the righteous characteristic of the compassion Jesus showed the man when he healed him.

RESPONSE:  My response to my reading today is to begin to look for ways in which I can show more compassion towards the individual God brings in and around my life and to find ways to bring them in front of Jesus.

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